A Bizarre Form of Art

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Contemporary art has been around for a long time and has always been associated with wealth and high status, mostly sought after by a very special kind of art appreciators and the incredibly wealthy, the various kind of mediums and exhibits that fall under this category are next to countless. The one thing common between any kind of contemporary art piece is the fact that it leaves viewers confused and bewildered, often making one think that why would the artist even want to come up with such a project.

Looking back at some of the more notable examples of contemporary art, one can see that almost every piece either has a very short lifespan, is too complicated or can be so invasive that it ends up taking over one’s life. One rather peculiar example of an art exhibit with a very small shelf life is Max Hooper Schneider’s Genus Watermeloncholia, a water tank holding a watermelon that has been artificially shaped into a cube, this exhibit can only be appreciated by someone who is a diehard fan of bioengineered fruit. The exhibit was bought by a rather curious banker and he has since spent over eight months trying to procure more cube shaped watermelons for the exhibit since the last one perished quite a while ago.

The Genus Watermeloncholia is not the only example of contemporary art work that makes use of fruit, an artist named Darren Bader has come up with a sculpture that consists of a French horn, which, in order to “activate”, one must put a guacamole into its sound hole, a truly interesting sculpture, however, Bader is best known for his “Chicken Burrito, Beef Burrito” exhibit that consists of two respective burritos placed on a similar axis.

Along with using fruits and various other perishable items to come up with oddly unique sculptures, some artists use contemporary art as a way of documenting their lives or sharing their opinions on various subjects. Some artists believe that monetary value is something that makes an art piece lose its value and therefore come up with exhibits that shed light on this school of thought. Robert Barry’s “Closed Gallery” art piece is a great example of a conceptual piece of art that became famous in 1969 for its contradictive statement.

Overall, contemporary art has always been and always will be a weird and odd branch of art that has next to zero boundaries, in a way, it can be said that contemporary art work provides human creativity with a kind of limitless area to work on. One thing that is absolute about this form of art is whether you find it interesting or plain silly, any exhibition piece is bound to be the subject of many interesting conversations.