The Cat Needs Its Nibbles

One thing about cats is that they are almost always hungry. From the crack of dawn to the late night there’s no peace for you if your cat is hungry. Now if you’re living in big cities it can sometimes get too hectic for you to even remember that you have to feed your cat. It’s understandable but quite frankly it is not fair to the kitty; it’s a living thing and a member of your household too!

If you’re concerned about your cat getting its food on time even when you’re not around to fill it’s bowl then maybe it’s time you invested in an automatic feeder for your cat. When it comes to cats, there are two main feeding concerns; your cat could be under fed and weak or overfed and fat. Both these conditions are unhealthy for your cat. You want your cat to stay healthy and active; that won’t happen if your cat’s always eating and especially not if your cat’s too weak to play around.

With an automatic feeder, you can eliminate both these problems; the idea is that your cat gets its food on time and not just be given food whenever it feels hungry. Remember, you love your cat but you have to maintain some discipline and not spoil it too much for its own good. Technology has gone far to improve our lives but nowadays even our pets can benefit from new technology; not only will automatic feeders improve your pet’s life, they’ll also take a load off of your back. An automatic feeder is also something that’s recommended for cats on a diet; if your cat’s been getting fatter and lazier, you can use an automatic feeder to control their portions to the recommended and healthy level.

Getting Your Hedgehog Comfortable

Hedgehogs can be great pets for your household. They are intelligent, friendly, playful and very responsive. They can also be really silly like most pets, so you will always find something fun to do with them. Of course, like all animals, hedgehogs won’t open upto you immediately. They are actually shy and nervous animals when they first make contact with people. So their instinctive reaction is to curl up into a ball to protect themselves. This is a very common occurrence at first, but they will eventually get accustomed to you overtime and then quite literally open up to you.

The most important things that aspiring hedgehog owners need to remember but tend to forget is that you cannot rush into these things. You cannot force your pet to suddenly be comfortable to you, but at the same time, it doesn’t mean that you completely leave them alone either. They need to be able to see your face regularly and still get daily interaction with you in order for them to remember and get used to you.

Hedgehogs have a specific diet. They are insectivorous so they do eat mealworms, but at the same time, you can also accommodate other items into their diets like berries. However, please consult a vet before you make changes in their diet. Also, if you keep their food bowl full at all times, they will keep eating and then gain too much weight which will lead to other problems for them. So, give them limited amounts of food.

Lastly, make sure that your cage works with your hedgehogs. They should be comfortable enough to move around and they should be able to fit in the wheel as well. You can check the hedgehog minimum cage size online or in a trusted pet store just to be safe.