Media Consumption: The Current Shift

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The thing that is so amazing about the human brain is its inability to run out of ideas. Human intelligence always seems to catch us off guard, and our creativity will manage to flow into this, and then as a result of which, we end up with some of the most important creations known to man. We started from something as simple as fire, and look at us now, we fly airplanes across the sky, manage to contact someone from the opposite end of the planet in real time, and even manage to visit neighboring planets.

Things changed for us with the introduction of the radio, which whilst first created as a necessity later on became a source of entertainment. So, the radio was found in every home for news updates, listening to current events, and then songs and whatnot. With the introduction of the television, and then the computer, coupled with the internet, laptops, and then ultimately “smart phones,” nothing has ever been the same.

We are now able to view videos, information, market products, look up songs, recipes, play games and use social media, all in one device. So, now social media, the internet and television has become our main sources of information and media information and entertainment. So, if brands want to attract customers, they now have to focus on their video production and manage to keep their potential customer’s attention long enough for them to remember their name or else they are done for. This is because we are heavily influenced by what attracts us in the media we consume. So, thanks for the shift towards social media and internet, people are now able to have access to more option and give brands an incentive to try harder or be more creative, which ultimately leads to something greater in the end.