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Driving around in a limo is perhaps an experience you’re unlikely to be forgetting any time soon. Of course, most of this is determined by the status of the limo renting company you go to. Your own individuality can play its own role here as well. Regardless as to whether you’re in a limo or not, the rules of road reign supreme and must always be obeyed. Just the act of riding in a limo doesn’t excuse you from being responsible on the road. When all is said and done, you shouldn’t be leaving any valuables in the limo either as not the taxi service nor the limo company will accept responsibility for them.

Other than that, the media might have us believe that renting out a limousine is something only the rich can afford but that’s not quite the case. Taking into account the fact that a limo can hold way more people on average than a cab, the costs might not be that different. When you’re on your way to one of those lifetime moments where you plan to make memories that you’ll cherish for the remainder of your days, making a good impression really matters a lot.

As such, you’ll want only the best kinds of limos at your disposal and R&R limo here in Texas are the place to go. It’s a pretty big business after all and whatever you need, it can be done. Be it a stretch limo, an SUV or maybe a motor coach. All can be rented out at a reasonable rate when you’re dealing with a transport company that knows what it’s doing and can use its expertise to best service your needs so that you can focus on the impression you want to leave and the memories you want to make.