The More Creative Side of Modern Art

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The term modern art brings blank canvases with abstract lines or weird looking sculptures to mind that, when looked at, make one think that creativity is pretty much dead in the art industry. However, there are still a handful of artists out there who come up with creative and beautiful displays that capture one’s attention and are a joy to observe. Art that one can interact with can be especially exciting and one such art exhibit that has been travelling across the world for many years now is Ada.

Designed and created by a German-Polish artist named Karina Smigla-Bobinski, this interactive art piece looks much like a gigantic virus particle at first glance, it consists of a large transparent plastic ball filled with helium, the ball itself is covered in numerous charcoal nubs. Viewers can interact with the exhibit by pushing the ball around in a white room, causing the ball to bounce of the walls, floors and ceiling and leave behind random scribbles that the charcoal nubs leave behind.

The artists takes inspiration for this exhibit from Augusta Ada King-Noel, more commonly known as Ada Noel, a gifted mathematician and writer who was also the first programmer in history. Gifted with calculus and its uses in machinery, Ada Lovelace was also one of the very first people in history who saw the potential in applying calculus in the work of art, Bobinski’s exhibit pays homage to this spirit and that is what makes it a truly interesting exhibit that one definitely has to see.